What Patients are Saying 


Erica, who has diabetes, was diagnosed with bilateral neuropathy in her feet. The pain extends from the balls of her fit to the tips of her toes. Over time her symptoms evolved from pain, burning, and tingling to include numbness.


Her neuropathy kept her up every night, leaving her sleep-deprived.  She would cry from the intensity of the pain, which she describes as a ten or more, on a scale of 1-10.  She was searching the internet in the middle of the night, looking for relief, when she happened upon the RealWave Neuropathy Treatment Centers website.


At the RealWave in Michigan, Erica met with Dr. Dominick Lago, a pain management specialist, who ran diagnostic tests on her hands and feet. Staff then treated her for peripheral neuropathy with a specially tuned ultrasound tool over the tops and bottoms of her feet. 


With the first treatment, Erica says, “I could feel my feet waking up” from the numbness.  After just a few appointments, she was much improved, and her pain continues to decrease as treatment progresses.


After just a month of RealWave ultrasound treatments, she says her pain is down to a six, and she can sleep again.  She is hopeful that as she continues treatment she will continue to improve, and be able to get back to her job and her grandchildren.


When asked about her experience at the clinic, she says the staff have been just great and friendly, and she now considers them ‘friends.’ She added that the center was nice, clean, and convenient.


It was a car accident that led to her diagnosis.  In September of 2017, her husband was driving when they were hit from behind. She was slammed into the passenger door, leaving her bruised and shaken.  When she stepped out of the vehicle, she immediately noticed that her feet were cold, and she had lost some sense of feeling.  She thought, perhaps, she had a pinched nerve and hoped it might be better in the morning.


The next day her feet were on fire, burning with pain.  She went to the emergency room, and doctors told her she had damaged her lower back and had bulging discs. The doctor put her on steroids and referred her for physical therapy, which started a week later and continued for seven months.


To manage her pain, doctors prescribed gabapentin and later Cymbalta. However, she says that neither gets to the root cause of the pain. In addition, she worries about the long-term effects of taking ongoing medication. 


With both diabetic neuropathy and spine issues, her feet drag as she walks.  She uses a walker and cane to stabilize herself and take pressure off her back. 


Once, she failed to notice that she had stepped on a nail left behind by a workman at her house.  She didn’t notice a cut until she saw the trail of blood across her floor and her carpets.  Then, she was surprised to find out she was the source of the blood.


Erica is most comfortable when her toes are free. In shoes, they swell too much and feel compressed.  Around the house, she wears fuzzy slippers and wraps her feet in gel ice packs, which she says feels good.  She has given away most of her shoes as particular shoes stir up her nerve pain. However,  she’s held onto a pair of white strappy heels in hopes of wearing them again.


The last year (2021) has been rough. Both Erica and her husband had COVID. While his passed after a few days, she is considered a long-hauler and has ongoing damage to her lungs. 


After discussions with her family, she decided to pause and take care of herself and her medical conditions.  The whole family is pitching in in the meantime. Her son is taking care of her yard and planting flowers, and her daughter is doing her hair to keep up her appearance. 


Erica works for the Department of Health and Human Services, providing families with medical and childcare assistance.  She’s been on medical leave since May and is looking forward to getting back to work.  She loves her job as  helping others throughout the day takes her mind off her own health conditions.


In the meantime, Erica is weaning herself off the Cymbalta and is continuing her ultrasound treatments at RealWave Neuropathy Treatment Center. She looks forward to a day when she can walk more and doesn’t need to sit as much. At age 45, she feels she is simply too young to be a “sit down grandma.”

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