Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment in Livonia, Michigan

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    Our goal is to improve your overall comfort, health, and quality of life. We make this possible by developing personalized treatment plans focused on alleviating the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy while allowing patients to resume a more active lifestyle, get better sleep, and better manage any underlying health conditions.

    Treatment focuses on normalizing sensation, restoring blood flow to affected areas, and when possible, regenerating nerves.

    Covered by Medicare and many insurance plans


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    Treatment Plan

    At RealWave® , we personalize a treatment schedule depending on the symptoms and the type of neuropathy you have to achieve the best results. A typical treatment plan for ultrasound may include:

    • EEvaluation and assessment
    • EAfter the first 3-4 appointments, patients generally begin to experience some level of symptom relief.
    • EWe recommend twice-weekly appointments for approximately 12 weeks to achieve maximum results.
    • EFor those patients wanting quicker results, we can schedule daily appointments for the first two weeks for rapid symptom relief.
    • ESome patients find they need occasional maintenance treatments to ensure ongoing symptom relief.

    Hear from Actual Patients

    Disclaimer: Results may vary from individual to individual.

    Darrell says, “my feet started stinging in excruciating pain. I was not able to stand any longer. I couldn’t walk.” After two months of RealWave®  ultrasound treatments, his pain is now at zero. Read More

    Bob says, “Reducing the medication, increasing my activity, and being able to enjoy longer walks,” Bob says, “that is a direct result of getting the treatments at RealWave® . Read More

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