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An avid knife collector, Darrell felt the pain of neuropathy at a BLADE Show in Atlanta, a 3-day event advertised as the world’s largest knife show. “After less than an hour,” Darryl says, “my feet started stinging in excruciating pain. I was not able to stand any longer. I couldn’t walk.” After two months of RealWave™ ultrasound treatments, his pain is now at zero.


After her second visit to RealWave™, her pain was gone entirely. However, Kate still had numbness and tingling caused by her chemotherapy-induced neuropathy. After just seven treatments on both her hands and feet, she says she is 100% back to her active lifestyle, including horseback riding.


After ignoring his diabetes for years, Bob started to have neuropathy in his feet. After the first few RealWave™ sessions, he says he noticed a “pretty quick improvement,” and he credits RealWave™ for being able to walk again and reduce his A1c to a 7. Bob says, “Reducing the medication, increasing my activity, and being able to enjoy longer walks,” Bob says, “that is a direct result of getting the treatments at RealWave™.


After triple bypass surgery in 2017, his heart surgeon said he may never walk again. Ron is a decorated veteran who spent 22.5 years in the Army, serving from Vietnam through Operation Desert Storm. He says he’s been on enough 50-mile road marches that not walking again was simply not an option.


Cheve had a nail stuck in his foot for three days and didn’t even know it due to the numbness of his diabetic neuropathy. After just 6-7 treatments his symptoms began to improve.


Jane was diagnosed with diabetes and says, “All was fine for a while, but then my feet started to feel numb.” As a result, she wore nothing but sandals for 20 years. After the first RealWave™ ultrasound treatment, she says she went home and took out a pair of tennis shoes that had been hiding in her closet. “I put those on, tied them up, and walked around the house,” she said. “I can’t believe it,” she told her husband, “My feet don’t feel bad now.

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