What Patients are Saying 

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Doug could tell the RealWave ultrasound was working, the very first time saying, "...my feet were warm, and a lot of tingling went away. The sensation, it was a good feeling. I haven't felt that in a long time."


After her second visit to RealWave, her pain was gone entirely.  However, Kate still had numbness and tingling caused by her chemotherapy-induced neuropathy. After just seven treatments on both her hands and feet, she says she is 100% back to her active lifestyle, including horseback riding. Read More.

Tim first experienced peripheral neuropathy on the bottoms of his feet. At its worst, it felt like his feet were on fire, with burning and stabbing pain. He toughed it out for 3 years, but when it began to interfere with his job as a corrections officer, he knew he had to seek help. Read More.

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Erica's neuropathy left her sleep-deprived.  She found RealWave Neuropathy Treatment Centers during an online search in the middle of the night.  After the first treatment, Erica says, “I could feel my feet waking up” from the numbness, and after a month of ultrasound treatments, she can sleep again.  Her pain continues to decrease as treatment progresses. Read More

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