Jane’s Story

Jane says, “My feet don’t feel bad now”

Jane Oliver spent most of her adult life on her feet as a hairstylist and owner of the Kountry Kurl salon in Duluth, Georgia, for twenty-five years. Just two years ago, at age 83, she decided to retire when the diabetic neuropathy in her feet became more problematic.

Jane was diagnosed with diabetes in 1998 and says, “All was fine for a while, but then my feet started to feel numb.” She attributed it to standing all day at the hair salon and didn’t pay much attention to it for many years. Then it got worse.

“I had numbness. I tingled… later on, they got to hurting real bad,” she says, describing her feet. “Especially at night, they made me miserable.” She spent many sleepless nights lying in bed, crying while her husband rubbed her feet, trying to help alleviate the pain.

Her diabetes doctor explained that the nerve endings in her feet were dying and diagnosed her with neuropathy. He instructed her to take care of her feet to avoid infections and diabetic foot ulcers. She invested in good sandals, avoiding other shoes because they were too painful around her toes.

In November 2021, she saw Dr. Richard Mistretta, a podiatrist. He spoke to her about her neuropathy and suggested that she try RealWave®  Neuropathy Treatment Centers.

She said her experience at RealWave®  has been wonderful and describes Rachel, the nurse practitioner, as “top-notch.”

After the first RealWave®  ultrasound treatment, she says she went home and took out a pair of tennis shoes that had been hiding in her closet. “I put those on, tied them up, and walked around the house,” she said. “I can’t believe it,” she told her husband, “My feet don’t feel bad now.”

When she started treatments, her pain was always a ten. Then it started coming down. Jane now goes for ultrasound treatments 1-2 times a week and says it feels good. “I know that it’s helping me. I don’t want to give it up when they say it’s over… It’s wonderful,” she says.

She is also sleeping through the night again, a tremendous boost for her mood and her health.

At 85, Jane is grateful that she is healthy and wants to enjoy life again now that her feet feel better. She and her husband are looking forward to their 65th wedding anniversary in August.

She reminisces about all she and her husband have done over the years. Like when they put on their boots and rode motorcycles to Louisville, Kentucky, or headed out to listen to country music on a Saturday night. “We’re living as good as we ever lived…right now,” Jane says.

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