Joe’s Story

Joe had chemotherapy-induced neuropathy and after treatment at RealWave®, he was able to stop his reliance on painkillers in just 19 days.

After chemotherapy, Joe’s foot turned black for six months, and he lost three toes to amputation. Peripheral neuropathy affects 30-40% of chemotherapy patients and is a frequent side effect of neurotoxic chemotherapy drugs.

Joe: My doctor told me my chemo regimen would be really bad… It devasted my body and my foot. After a couple of years of taking Neurontin, it stopped working, and I started having major pain issues.

Q. What other symptoms do you have?
Joe: I had all the symptoms of neuropathy… I have sharp pain, cold, hot, you know – buzz, the whole thing. But mostly, it is an absolute bad pain.

Q. How did the symptoms impact your daily life?
Joe: Severely. Even though I was on high-dose medication, I still had a lot of breakthrough pain, which I could also take breakthrough medication for, but I’d be loopy half the time.

Q. How long ago did you start the treatments at RealWave?
Joe: I’m on week 11.

Q. So you’ve also been able to get off some of your medications?
Joe: I’m off all of them. After four sessions… we did stop taking my morning narcotics to see how it went, and miraculously, I had no pain at all. The only problem I had was withdrawal. It had nothing to do with my neuropathy issues, just withdrawal from narcotics. And then, I stopped my evening meds, and that was on day 19.

Q. So, what is your pain level now?
Joe: No pain.

Q. What can you do now that you couldn’t do before you started the treatments?
Joe: I can actually run… I couldn’t run before.

Q. How was your experience at RealWave?
Joe: It was great. People are very personal. The treatment doesn’t hurt. Most times, I don’t even feel it.

Q. And you said before you didn’t think the treatment would work.
Joe: Well, I’ve been through a lot of different things that didn’t work. This is so non-invasive… I was a little leery, but I’m definitely a believer.

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