RealWave® Treatment
for Peripheral Neuropathy

Our goal is to improve your overall comfort, health, and quality of life. We make this possible by developing personalized treatment for peripheral neuropathy plans focused on alleviating the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy while allowing patients to resume a more active lifestyle, get better sleep, and better manage any underlying health conditions. Treatment focuses on normalizing sensation, restoring blood flow to affected areas, preventing further nerve damage, and, when possible, regenerating nerves.

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RealWave® Ultrasound Treatment

Ultrasound is a safe, painless, and effective therapy to treat the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy.

RealWave® uses a specially tuned ultrasound device designed to deliver focused energy directly to the diseased area to treat the nerves involved and improve the integrity of the myelin sheath and axon to re-establish consistent electrical conductivity. In addition, the ultrasound stimulates portions of the nerve axon, particularly in the space between terminal endings. Ultrasound also increases blood flow to the area, improving the delivery of oxygen and nutrients while removing metabolic waste. This, in turn, helps to heal the nerves responsible for neuropathy symptoms.

RealWave® ultrasound can be used on arms, hands, legs, or feet

RealPulse® Treatment

RealPulse® is a form of low-wave mechanical energy that has been shown to effectively increase blood flow to the affected tissue area, facilitating healing and amplifying the positive impact of ultrasound treatment. This treatment modality is beneficial for patients experiencing ongoing numbness, poor circulation, and non-healing wounds.

RealPulse® is administered through a hand-held wand that delivers pulses directly to the affected area inducing a healing response. The body responds by increasing blood flow to the area, which accelerates oxygen delivery and metabolism and promotes healing of the nerves. Patients usually notice almost immediate blushing of the skin due to the increased blood flow. These treatments can accompany the RealWave® ultrasound treatment to maximize results.

RealPulse® may be requested by your physician or surgeon to accelerate wound healing or before a vascular procedure as it increases blood flow to the affected area and improves the microcirculation that is essential in the healing process.

RealPulse® Treatment may be used to complement the RealWave® Ultrasound Treatment

Treatment Plan

At RealWave®, we personalize a treatment schedule depending on the symptoms and the type of neuropathy you have to achieve the best results. A typical treatment plan for ultrasound may include:

  • EEvaluation and assessment
  • EAfter the first 3-4 appointments, patients generally begin to experience some level of symptom relief.
  • EWe recommend twice-weekly appointments for approximately 12 weeks to achieve maximum results.
  • EFor those patients wanting quicker results, we can schedule daily appointments for the first two weeks for rapid symptom relief.
  • ESome patients find they need occasional maintenance treatments to ensure ongoing symptom relief.
Throughout your treatment, we monitor your progress by measuring blood flow and nerve conductivity in the arms, hands, feet, and ankles.
Treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy


The results* from RealWave® ultrasound treatments vary depending on the cause of the patient’s neuropathy and his/her symptoms.

  • E89% of all treated patients see an improvement in their symptoms within 12 weeks.
  • EHalf of our patients report at least a 50% reduction in their symptoms. (That means if their pain level was originally an 8, it is now a 4 or less.)
  • EOne-third of all patients report more than a 90% reduction in their symptoms, meaning their neuropathy symptoms are virtually gone.

Treatment is covered by Medicare and many insurance plans.

Realwave Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment & Results

*Results from RealWave® Neuropathy Treatment Centers, Georgia, 2021

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Our Patients Story

After her second visit to RealWave®, her pain was gone entirely. However, Kate still had numbness and tingling caused by her chemotherapy-induced neuropathy. After just seven treatments on both her hands and feet, she says she is 100% back to her active lifestyle, including horseback riding. Read More

- Kate

Covered by Medicare and many insurance plans

Call us to get started right away at 1-877-301-3441.

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